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Multimedia Podcast Review

Hello, I will share with you a podcast I recently heard that is amazing. The name of the podcast I listened to is from Audio Fit Test by Jim. The episode I listed to is #15- Simple Weight Loss and Diet Tips for Beginners. This episode stood out to me because it talks about how beginners tend to quit because they are not seeing results and the importance of staying committed to your goals and diet tips.

Some of the things that were mainly talked about by Jim and that I really found them meaningful and deep, I will talk about them. He talks about how we are all different and have different body types and sizes and that is ok. Sometimes depending on our goal one diet will not always work out for another person. That is why learning about nutrition and how it works is really important because nutrition is the foundation for body transformation. Either to build up, lose weight or whatever your fitness and lifestyle is.

One diet that is working for somebody else might not work the same for another person. Why? This is because what if it is a vegan diet? And you are a meat lover? Obliviously, there will be no benefit to that diet and will not work out for you. Jim suggests that we tend to compare ourselves to other people who are toned up or have a good-looking body. We must be patient and apply to our lifestyle a healthy diet and see our fitness goal from a different approach not just a short-term goal.

One thing Jim talked about that really stood out to me and got me thinking is that he said never compare yourself with other people because we are at different fitness levels and we all have different lifestyles, setback or injuries that make us who we are and that is ok. Jim recommends we focus is on our individual goals that will make YOU happy and our long-term success and not temporary. Our body is our own we must accept it the way it is, that does not mean that it must stay physically the same way. We can transform it to the better with a personalized plan that is for YOU only. I really liked as well that Jim recommends to write down everything you consume, how many calories you consumed and the time you ate, for at least a week, before we start any diet. This will give you a pattern and will help you see where and what time you are consuming the largest amounts of your calories.

Here are Jim’s 4 simple diet tips for beginners:

  1. Whatever style of diet you are following or planning to follow, look to eat as many whole foods as you! This makes sense as whole foods will make us fuel us more and gives us energy which we will need for our workouts. Examples of whole foods are whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables-anything that is not refined or free from additives. 
  2. If you want to lose weight, cut down on your portion sizes! This is something simple that we can do and a trick we can us is to use smaller plates that will makes your brain feel like you are getting a large portion.
  3. Cut down or cut out on refined sugar. This one is simple, and we all know it. Stay away from sweets as much as possible or consume smaller portions.
  4. Plan your diet for the long term and make sure it is sustainable for a reasonable amount of time. Whatever diet you decide to go with make sure it fits your lifestyle-they say it will be easier to follow and stick to.

Link to the podcast:


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